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The licensing team has successfully dealt with a number of transfers of licences and regularly deal with applications for and to various premises licences, personal licences and late night refreshment licences.

In 2005, licensing laws of England and Wales were completely changed. The Licensing Act 2003 was introduced to replace the old system, which dated back to 1964.

    • The 2003 Act abolished standard drinking hours with the purpose of encouraging the development of a more diverse late night economy.
    • Licensing authorities are now responsible for hearing applications for new liquor licences instead of the Magistrates Courts.
    • The 2003 Act covers retail alcohol sales, drinking in members clubs, the provision of regulated entertainment and late night refreshment.
    • Anybody responsible for the sale of alcohol will require a personal licence. A personal licence attaches to the individual instead of relating to a particular property. Personal licences are valid for 10 years and can be used by the same person in different locations, which has been an invaluable aid to larger multi-premises applicants.
    • A designated premises supervisor (DPS) must be appointed and referred to in each premises licence application.
    • The application fees involved with obtaining a premises licence have increased. There is now also a significant annual renewal fee.
    • Large scale plans, incorporating very specific requirements are now a pre-requisite for submitting a premises licence application, together with an operating schedule specific to the premises which needs to be carefully drafted to comply with the licensing objectives.

Our licencing team has successfully represented clients at hearings before Licensing Committees.

The Licensing applications that we primarily deal with are:

Alcohol and entertainment:
  • premises licence applications and variations
  • change of DPS
  • transfer of premises licence
  • review of premises licence
  • personal licence applications
  • temporary event notices
  • judicial review